Liability Insurance

Legal Protection from Liability Costs

Running your own business is a dream for many Kiwis, but it can be a daunting endeavour in reality. If you’re in business, nationwide or local, you can protect yourself from any legal liability risks you face with liability insurance. Legal costs are a real risk and have great potential to cause you unnecessary hardship or in the worst case scenario, bring your business down entirely. With a personally tailored liability insurance package from Hood Insurance Brokers, we can protect you from that risk.

Liability Insurance will generally cover you from any costs legislated against you by the courts except fines, as well as legal costs associated with defending yourself in court. There are a number of liability insurance options, so don’t hesitate to get in contact and we can decide together what’s right for you.

Liability insurance options

Broad Liability Insurance

The most comprehensive type of liability insurance. With broad liability insurance in place, you will be protected from accidental injury caused to a third party, as well as any damage done to their property. You will also be covered for judgements rendered against you by a court of law, all of your legal costs and expenses and out of court settlements, including any legal investigation and defense costs. This is the best option for you to make sure all of your legal bases are covered.

Statutory Liability Insurance

A less comprehensive form of liability insurance that will protect you from fines, court judgements and unintentional breaches of laws. It will also cover your legal costs as outlined above. However, a statutory liability insurance policy will not protect against things such as accidental injury to a third party of their possessions, for which you will need a broadform policy.

Employers Liability Insurance

A highly recommended and useful form of insurance if you own a business that has employees. If any of your employees are injured in a workplace accident or bring a case against you in a court, this policy will help pay your legal defense fees where it is not covered by the ACC.

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