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Our home is easily our most valuable possession. It keeps our families safe and sheltered. It contains so many memories. It truly is where our heart is. For some of us, owning a home is the end result of a lifetime of hard work and saving. That’s why your home and your lifestyle deserves protection. Hood Insurance Brokers can offer you the best home insurance, specially tailored to meet your individual needs. With home insurance, your house will be covered up to and including the total specified amount that you have chosen. It can also be packaged together with a contents insurance policy to secure not just the building itself, but the valuable possessions it contains inside.

Options for Home Insurance

There are two main options for home insurance that will insure the value of your house against unforeseen events such as flooding, fires, intentional damage or arson. It can also protect you from the incidence of natural disasters. New Zealand has witnessed numerous disasters in the recent past, showing us the real dangers we can face. With our help, you won’t have to take the chance of losing it all. Home insurance can also include a number of benefits, a selection of which are outlined below:

Comprehensive Home Insurance

A comprehensive home insurance policy will cover the repair of your home, or it will pay out an amount up to the maximum you select, when you take out the policy. The broadest range of possible conditions are covered, including a higher level of policy and value limits. A comprehensive home insurance policy also includes a number of additional benefits, possibly including:

Keys and Locks

In the event that your keys are lost, stolen or replicated against your will, this policy benefit covers the cost of replacing the keys and locks usually up to $1,000.


A cover that pays for the loss and damage done to your lawns or garden.

Alternative Accomodation

This benefit covers the costs of temporary accommodation for you, your family who live with you, and your pets in the event that damage to your house renders it temporarily unable to be lived in.

Natural Disaster Coverage

Pays out the agreed upon sum assured of your particular policy if your house is damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster.

Cover for Landlords

If you rent out your property, this benefit will cover you from loss of rent if the home cannot be lived in after damage. It can also cover the value of the landlord’s contents at the property.

Legal Liability

Covers legal liability costs as a homeowner or an individual in the event of damage to other people’s properties.

Basic Home Insurance

A more basic and less comprehensive home insurance cover with more cost effective premiums. This form of cover is best suited for you if you wish to have some form of protection for your home but cannot manage the more comprehensive policy premiums. Basic home insurance will generally insure the value of your house to a lesser amount. With a more basic package, some of the additional benefits may or may not be present.

 Contents Insurance

Secure Your Most Important and Most Valuable Possessions

Whilst our home may be our most valuable possession in life, it is certainly not our only important one. When you take a look through your home, you’ll see a collection of belongings which help you to define your day to day life. Your television set, personal artwork, jewellery, decorations and so much more. All of your possessions can be protected quickly and easily with affordable contents insurance through Hood Insurance Brokers.

Options for Contents Insurance

There are some main options for contents insurance that will insure the value of your belongings against unforeseen events such as burglary, flooding, fires, damage or natural disasters. Your contents insurance policy can also include a number of benefits, a selection of which are described below.

Premium Contents Insurance

A premium, comprehensive contents insurance policy can cover the repair or replacement of all your most valuable possessions. This can include items you may have in storage, protection of items in transit and even some items you may have with you while travelling overseas. This can also protect money you could lose if your credit or debit cards are lost or stolen and used fraudulently by the offending party.

Cost Effective Contents Insurance

Another option to secure the value of your contents is a more basic and less comprehensive contents policy with more cost effective premiums. This form of cover is best suited for those whose contents are less valuable, less exclusive or those who wish to have some form of protection but cannot manage the more comprehensive policy premiums. If you don’t know which option is best for you, the team at Hood Insurance Brokers offer a free consultation, and we can let you know which option would work the best for your unique circumstances.

Renters Contents Insurance

If you live in a rental property or flat, renters contents insurance is almost a necessity. Not only will it secure the value of your possessions, it will insure you against any claims for damage brought against you by your landlord. Sometimes, the insurer will initiate action against you as the cause of damage to recoup their lost funds, bringing about a potentially costly financial situation. Having renters insurance can protect you against both the initial damage caused and any action brought against you by the homeowner’s insurers. Renters insurance is generally inexpensive and offers great value, so we urge you not to hesitate. Hood Insurance Brokers can get you the best deals available right now.

Contents Insurance Benefits

A selection of benefits are listed here which can be featured in or added to your contents insurance policy. This list is not exhaustive, so please enquire with us directly if you have any questions.

House Under Construction or Alteration

This benefit protects you against damage that may occur while your house is under construction or if it is undergoing significant alterations.

Business Tools

Covers items within property from which you receive some sort of financial return.

Contents of Fridge/Freezer

In the case of malfunction, breakdown or destruction of your refrigeration unit, this benefit will replace your spoiled food contained within.

Keys and Locks

Pays the cost incurred to replace keys and locks that have been damaged, lost or destroyed.

Temporary Accommodation Expenses

If your house is rendered uninhabitable, this benefit will pay for your temporary accommodation expenses until repairs have been completed or your claim has been paid. Sometimes, this will also include kennel or cattery fees for your household animals.

Jewellery Replacement

If in possession of an up to date valuation dated prior to the loss, this benefit will go some way to recuperating the value of your lost and stolen jewellery.

Spectacles, Contact Lenses, Hearing Aids and Dentures

If you suffer accidental damage or loss of these items and a claim is accepted, this will pay for the replacement or repair.

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